Trybike Steel - Vintage Blue

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Trybike steel is a 2 in 1 bicycle that can be converted into a balance bike when your child is ready to take on the challenge. Balancing has been made easier with the Trybike unique footrest that allows your child to keep his/her feet off the ground.

Specifications of Trybike Steel-

  • Recommended usage from 18 months up
  • Seat Height is adjustable from 30 cm to 40 cm
  • Height of handle bar: adjustable between 54cm to 61cm
  • Length from front wheel to rear wheel(s): adjustable between 87cm to 94cm
  • Wheels: Pneumatic tyres (for a smoother ride, and better grip)
  • 12 inch spoked steel wheels with sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings
  • 2 options for height of front wheels
  • Quick release seat fastener
  • Includes sticker sheets to customise the bike design
  • basket not included


*Stocks will arrive on the first week of December. Delivery will be fulfilled on 12 December 2021.