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Romania Weave Sandals - Creme Brûlée

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  • Handmade premium leather shoes with anti-slip rubber sole
  • Soft Leather and PU cushion insole to provide extra comfort
  • Velcro closure with faux buckle for the convenience of wearing

 Shoe sole specifications (est measurements):

    • Size 4 (12.1cm) : Soft anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 5 (13cm): Soft anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 6 (13.7cm): Soft anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 7 (14.5cm): Hard anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 8 (15.2cm) Hard anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 9 (16cm): Hard anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 10 (16.8cm)): Hard anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 11 (17.5cm) : Hard anti-slip rubber sole
    • Size 12 (18.5cm) : Hard anti-slip rubber sole

Handmade disclaimer: Our shoes are each handmade meticulously. Due to this process there maybe subtle variation/craftmanship from one item to the next.